July 26, 2016

Letter to the City of Toronto

Ok, so it's time to take action.

Here's a copy of the letter I sent to the City of Toronto about Black Plastic recycling... cross your fingers... I'm hoping it makes a difference...

Dear City of Toronto,

Recently, I learned that black plastic cannot be recycled.  It took me by surprise.  I have been mistakenly putting my black plastic containers in recycling bins for years.  There are likely many Torontonians who are unaware of this recycling rule.  I suspect it may be causing some problems at Toronto’s recycling facilities.  I am concerned that black plastic is adding to our landfills.

So, my questions are... Why can’t black plastic containers be recycled?   What can be done to change this?  And what can we do to convince stores, restaurants and manufacturers to stop using black plastic to package their goods?

I recently took a walk through my local grocery store, and noticed black plastic trays were used to package meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, and other foods.  Many frozen food entrĂ©es use black plastic containers as well.  I recently ordered food from my favourite Thai restaurant and my meal was delivered in black plastic containers.  Black plastic seems to be everywhere.   Not good.  

As an eco-minded consumer, I’ll try to avoid buying items packaged in black plastic and avoid restaurants that use black plastic.   I’ll encourage my friends, family and community to do the same.   Still, I hope black plastic can be recycled... someday.  

Toronto has shown strong ‘eco’ leadership in the past.   I’m hoping that Toronto can take the lead in this issue as well.  

Paul Cressman