July 07, 2016

Take-Out for Dinner?

So, you're feeling hungry.... but you have no time/no energy to cook?  That's okay.   Just order a take-out meal from your favourite restaurant.  They'll deliver you a tasty meal in no time at all.  Problem solved.   Right?  Wrong.

Your take-out meal came in containers, right?   That's lot's of excess packaging.  "No problem", you say.  You'll just recycle the packaging.  It's all good.

Wrong again.  Not all packaging can go in the recycling.   As I have recently discovered, black plastic cannot be recycled!   Unfortunately, many Toronto restaurants use these black plastic containers for their take-out food.   

So, don't make the mistake of tossing your black plastic in the recycling.  It really doesn't belong there.   Unfortunately, you need to toss it in the garbage.  (At least the lid can be recycled.)

So the question remains... if black plastic can't be recycled, why do so many restaurants use it for their take-out food?  Let's challenge our city's restaurants to be more mindful of the containers they choose for their business.